Finished - Cum Inside Me Bro


Finished - Cum Inside Me Bro (2016)
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Angkor Wrack - Built To Kill lp

New LP from the Midgaard brothers aka Angkor Wrack!
for their second Lp on Mastermind records. The brothers team up
with the bestial vokillist Klaus (Love Potion, Forza Albino etc)
for a blasphemous and nihilist mix of scuzzy industrial and
crude post-apocalyptic punk! It's war in the wastelands,
as sick robot guitars from outer space, ritualistic drums and
maniac screaming stumble across the nuclear desert.
recorded on a low-tech 8 track cassette in Mayhem, Copenhagen.


angkor wrack - built to kill lp (2016)
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Worm Crown- Trauma (2015)

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Leather slave - II

leather slave - ii (2015)
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Walter - Get Well Soon - Cassette


Walter - Get Well Soon - Cassette (2016)
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No Negative ‎– The Good Never Comes

Eight hard-hitting and expansive tracks of psychedelic death punk that recalls TSOL, Brainbombs, Sabbath, Flipper and Hawkwind. A truly unique album for how it splits the difference between punk hostility and more trippy vibes.

No Negative ‎– The Good Never Comes (2016)
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Utah Jazz- Ivory Wave LP

The debut UTAH JAZZ LP, "Ivory Wave." Featuring members of the world-renowned BROWN SUGAR and regionally legendary MAYDAY, The UTAH JAZZ have been helping reform the dominant sound of the Western NY punk scene with their undefinable brand of dual-guitar punked out wankery. A more-than-suitable follow up to their killer Media Shlitz single. For fans of mutant Ohio scums like Homostupids, Folded Shirt, Trichecos, Fuck You Pay Me and Step Sister.

Utah Jazz- Ivory Wave LP (2015)
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USA Nails - No Pleasure

USA Nails put their stamp on the burgeoning London punk scene in early 2014 with a series of ferocious live shows and a slew of demo tracks. Their debut release ‘Sonic Moist’ (Smalltown America/Bigout Records/I Hate My Records/Unwork) followed shortly afterwards. Born through a mutual love of all things noisy, raw and sickeningly filthy, USA Nails brings together members and ex-members of Oceansize, Hawk Eyes, Kong, Future of the Left, Silent Front and Dead Arms. Opting for a more stripped back approach to their other outfits, Nails adopt a strict policy to not over-think their music. Choosing raw energy, intensity and mood over technical expression.

Just under a year since the release of their first LP ‘Sonic , the band return with their latest instalment of brash noise-rock-punk-psych: ‘No Pleasure’. The album features 11 furious tracks that see the band expanding on noise-rock and punk, as well as exploring new territories in post-punk and kraut-rock. Influenced by the likes of The Jesus Lizard, Wire and Neu among others, the quartet have crafted a record that sits comfortably among the work of contemporaries like Pissed Jeans, Destruction Unit and Institute.

‘No Pleasure’ offers a smarter, grittier and catchier racket than previous releases. It’s pissed off at mundane modern lifestyles, awkward social behaviour, inanimate objects and bad decisions that sometimes (but not often) lead to questionable liquids spilling from un-named orifices.

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USA Nails - No Pleasure (2015)