Ausmuteants - Felix tried to kill himself ep

Yes!! Two more tracks from this fantastic synth driven punk group from down under, the mighty AUSMUTEANTS. Perfect follow up to their debut LP, which you must, must hear. Very limited Italian single, snag it now or cry later!

Ausmuteants - Felix tried to kill himself ep (2014)
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Brown Sugar - Tropical Disease EP

Buffalo NY's Brown Sugar plays pure unfiltered hardcore punk that's loaded with dirty rock'n'roll influences. These jams switch from fast and thrashy to mid paced and straight ahead that are noisy and drenched in feedback. These guys are harsh and catchy as hell with a great experimental feel to their overall sound. Brown Sugar's simply amazing and needs to be heard by everyone.
-For Fans Of: Creem, Night Birds, Kremlin & Pukeoid

Brown Sugar - Tropical Disease EP (2011)
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gutter gods - innersense

"12 inches of pure pleasure brought to you by the filthy freaks...THE GUTTER GODS. Fill the void in your life with fantasmic dreams drip drip dripping from over-stimulated pineal glands. Take a voyage like no other. Take their trip and you will see that life is only but a dream..." Cool death records

Gutter Gods "Innersense" LP (2014)
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