Pisse - Praktikum in der Karibik

Intellectual anarcho-low-fi-punk from Leipzig / Berlin / Middle-East!
Ground-breaking lyrics, funky rythms, no Surf´n´Malibu-bullshit.

Pisse - Praktikum in der Karibik (2014)
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Stick Men With Ray Guns – Some People Deserve To Suffer

Stick Men With Ray Guns – Some People Deserve To Suffer (Recording Date: 1981 - 1984)
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Life Like - Savages ep

Spotted Race Hardcore, St. Louis.

Life Like - Savages ep (2014)
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Easter Monkeys ‎– Splendor Of Sorrow

"Cleveland post-punk combo the Easter Monkeys was formed in 1981 by guitarist Jim Jones, a longtime local music scene fixture who previously tenured in the Electric Eels and the Styrenes. Ex-Kneecappers singer Chris Yarmock, bassist Charlie Ditto and drummer Linda Hudson completed the lineup."

Easter Monkeys ‎– Splendor Of Sorrow (1983)
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Any Three Initials - Ruins of America

"Any Three Initials was an early to mid 80's SF band fronted by one of the most unique and talented poets in punk rock or rock and roll history WILL SHATTER. When the band formed Will was already a historic figure in punk rock having been in the great NEGATIVE TREND and the almighty FLIPPER. Take the great poet and mix in two parts from one of the most raw, powerful, hardcore punk bands of all time BAD POSTURE and you have the foundation for some fucked up, shit! With Emilio on bass, and Mike on drums you have the best of the fuckin best laying it down hard and fast or slow and heavy. Add in one young punk kid guitar player that didn't know shit and you have A3I."

Any Three Initials - Ruins of America (1987)
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Hose - Mobo/Girls/Zoo 7”

A rare gem from 1982. A short-lived art/noise/Flipper rip-off band featuring the famous producer and co-founder of Def Jam Records Rick Rubin on guitar.

Hose - Mobo/Girls/Zoo 7” (1982)
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sweater - jaywalker cs

"Lush sounding post-hardcore trio from Palmerston Nth, New Zealand. Think ‘math’ bands: bits of Rodan and also Polvo come through, but with much more aggressive vocals."

Sweater - Jaywalker (2013)
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Low Life - Dogging lp

"Outsider rock and roll with a fetishism for lower socio-economic youth culture."

low life - dogging lp (2014)
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sex scheme - 7''

"If The Fall were hardened by the pummeling misanthropy of the Brainbombs and fueled by Big Black’s dynamic of jarring guitar shards slashing across throbbing, propulsive bass lines, you’d find yourself on the receiving end of something like this Brooklyn trio’s excellent vinyl debut. The repetitive and tattered anti-songs on this seedy 4-track stumble through the gutters of Gotham, detached and rambling, barely coherent enough to wrangle enough tortured notes together to make any sense of the mess. In other words, brilliant."

sex scheme - 7'' (2014)
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Bobby Soxx "Hate In The 80's" / "Scavenger Of Death"

"Uber rare kbd Texas punk monster. So crude so rude so goodamn evil. The production and mixing goes so well with Bobbys evil sneering voice. Everything is up front. So close to the speakers it jumps at you. Ladies and gentlemen THIS is how a snare drum shall sound, like you’ve put greaseproof paper on it. Killer!"

Bobby Soxx – S/T 7″ (1981)
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Life Stinks - Portraits 7"

San Francisco's kings of misanthropy are back with two more tracks of slow brooding bummer punk to remind you how pointless your life is. Covered in a wall of noise, negative vibes, a booming dual drum assault, and lurching along at a death march pace. Two of their best tracks yet. Equal parts Flipper, No Trend, and Germs and 100% TOTALLY PUNK.

Life Stinks - Portraits 7" (2014)
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Wymyns Prysyn - Head In A Vise lp

Full album up streaming on bandcamp. Play at maximum volume. https://wymynsprysyn.bandcamp.com/ LP will be out in August from Drugged Conscience.Sewer punk!

Wymyns Prysyn - Head In A Vise lp (2014)
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Eastlink - eastlink lp

"Eastlink is a section of freeway in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. Eastlink is also a band from Melbourne that delivers a blown-out, three-guitar assault, equal parts riff-fueled rock and noise-fucked psych. If it matters (and you know it does!), Eastlink features members of such notable Australian flag-bearers as Total Control, UV Race, Repairs, Lakes, Straightjacket Nation, Interzone, Teargas, etc. Really, they are just a f’n great band."

Eastlink - eastlink lp (2014)
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Watery Love - Decorative Feeding LP

Blownout garage with hints from Total Abuse and Brainbombs. It's fucking good. Led by former Clockcleaner drummer.

Watery Love - Decorative Feeding LP (2014)
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Ausmuteants - Felix tried to kill himself ep

Yes!! Two more tracks from this fantastic synth driven punk group from down under, the mighty AUSMUTEANTS. Perfect follow up to their debut LP, which you must, must hear. Very limited Italian single, snag it now or cry later!

Ausmuteants - Felix tried to kill himself ep (2014)
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Brown Sugar - Tropical Disease EP

Buffalo NY's Brown Sugar plays pure unfiltered hardcore punk that's loaded with dirty rock'n'roll influences. These jams switch from fast and thrashy to mid paced and straight ahead that are noisy and drenched in feedback. These guys are harsh and catchy as hell with a great experimental feel to their overall sound. Brown Sugar's simply amazing and needs to be heard by everyone.
-For Fans Of: Creem, Night Birds, Kremlin & Pukeoid

Brown Sugar - Tropical Disease EP (2011)
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gutter gods - innersense

"12 inches of pure pleasure brought to you by the filthy freaks...THE GUTTER GODS. Fill the void in your life with fantasmic dreams drip drip dripping from over-stimulated pineal glands. Take a voyage like no other. Take their trip and you will see that life is only but a dream..." Cool death records

Gutter Gods "Innersense" LP (2014)
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Pigeon Religion

here's a great set from SXSW 2010
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Oily Boys - Majesty ep + Demo

Oily Boys EP is sick. Aussie hardcore. They play the musical equivalent of a South African burning tyre/necklacing. Mob justice murder punk-style that leaves a lasting impression. Their demo takes the speed and nastiness of bands like the Omegas or Wiccans but dirties it up with the grime of late night Central Station. Uptight like that paranoid cunt on the street who crosses the road to ask why you’re following him and what you want and where you want it. Fucking retarded.

Oily Boys - Majesty ep (2013) + Demo
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Big Ups - Eighteen Hours of Static

"Hip" post-punk from Brooklyn, I can hear some strong influences from Jesus Lizard, Pissed Jeans, Shellac and even some Moss Icon and Swing Kids.

Big Ups - Eighteen Hours of Static (2014)
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The Grabbies‎ - Live

The most hated (ex)Italian (now san francisco's) punkashate band. Heavy on the distortion, drunk, FAST, rockandroll.
The best live punk record ever made.

The Grabbies‎ - Live 2004
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Joint D≠ - Satan is Real Again, Again, or: Feeling Good About Feeling Good About Bad Thoughts

Hailing from North Carolina Catchy, tension-filled fringe punk, shot with a load of ‘80s west coast hardcore. It’s oddly unique and rocks with a driving intensity that demands attention. Wipers-style vibe.

Joint D≠ - Satan is Real Again, Again, or: Feeling Good About Feeling Good About Bad Thoughts (2013)
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Messrs ‎– Tape

MESSRS from Columbus, OH crawl through six tracks of frenzied mess on this demo tape. Shouted vocals and a crunchy, raw recording really carry the urgency on this thing...sort of recalls early DRY ROT. In other words, MESSRS play with the urgency of hardcore band but stray from the classic formula in favor of a raw, rumbling psychosis. Savage Quality.

Messrs ‎– Demo Tape (2013)
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