Deaf Wish - Pain lp

Sub Pop, Sonic Youth vibe. You will like it..

Deaf Wish - Pain lp (2015)
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Dribble - Lovers 7''

Lovers -- the debut EP by Melbourne, Australia's DRIBBLE -- is a nearly perfect punk rocknroll record in the tradition of so many other Velvets & Voidoids-obsessed Aussie (and New York, and London, and everywhere) punk bands. This has something in common with recent vintage of Australian punk (i.e. ECSR, etc.), but a sinister, almost stomping sound and swagger all its own. Memorable tunes, snotty vocals, cool packaging. Cool Death records.

Dribble - Lovers 7'' (2014)
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C.C.T.V.s/t 7"

"Debut EP from this Coneheads-affiliated project. Actually, it sounds pretty much exactly like Coneheads, only with a woman singing instead of a man... it has the same tightly wound, Devo-esque energy and razor sharp songwriting, particularly on the killer b-side. Unfortunately, though, by the time you're reading this this record will almost certainly be sold out. Word is there will be a repress, but not for a hot minute, so if you manage to get one of these congrats! If not don't let the hype waves discourage you from picking this up in the future... it's a ripper!"

C.C.T.V.s/t 7" (2015)
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