The Floor Above - Bishop LP

First of all...let me say WHAT THE HELL?!? This has to be far-and-away the most unexpectedly brilliant hardcore punk LP I've heard in 2013. On top of that, THE FLOOR ABOVE is a one-man band from Nashville, TN that had some under-the-radar tapes but with "Bishop" the bar has truly been raised. This 20 (!) song LP is a hurling mess of unhinged hardcore punk. Trebly as all hell, lurching from raging fast to uneasy and discordant in mere minutes. I'd easily put this LP up there with some of the best "outsider" HC of the past few years like NASA SPACE UNIVERSE, LUMPY AND THE DUMPERS, ECOLI, etc. I'm definitely picking up something new every time I spin this thing - highly recommended. Go and buy it>Savage Quality.'Bleak and blown out loner hardcore'.

The Floor Above - Bishop LP (2013)
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